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2 New Beats: "Red Giant" and "Paradigm Shift"

Red Giant blends a bass-heavy slowed down Miami pace with a crisp New York atmosphere.

Paradigm Shift combines the dark mysterious persona of Los Angeles in the late 90's and early 00's with 2014 drum sounds and arrangement techniques.



2 New Beats: "Praxeology" and "Habilitation"

I sampled Gap Band's track "Outstanding" for Praxeology. I completed it late last year.

Habilitation is a chilled out original that I made last summer.



Jason Derulo Remix & New Beat

My remix of Jason Derulo "The Other Side"

A new beat I made over the summer - "Mp3 Dot Com"



John Legend Remix & New Beat

My remix of John Legend - "Tonight (F/ Ludacris)"

A new beat I made last month - "Bear With Me"


"Being a Producer in the Digital Era"


Here's a youtube video of a 40 minute presentation I gave at Rockford University earlier this year.

The presentation discusses my view on how to approach life as a music producer given the digital age's impact on the music business.

Despair not, this isn't another tirade against piracy. Nor is this a dream-selling expedition. This is a harsh look at the realities facing music producers. Plus a method to navigate the uncertain terrain of the music business digital age.

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