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Wrekonize "One Too Many" Remix EP


Wrekonize just released a 6-track EP containing 6 different remixes of his track "One Too Many." I'm happy to have been one of the six producers tapped for the project. Check it out.



Soleternity - Beats 4 Yeti Snowman

My new 9 track instrumental EP is available for free download. Dedicated to my great longtime friend Yeti Snowman.



4 New Beats: "Winner Take All," "Marketplace of Ideas," "Shibboleth," and "Structuration"

Winner Take All is my mellowed-out contribution to a "Producer Challenge" going on at The Producers Union. We were limited to using a specific sample and drum kit. Here's what I came up with.

Marketplace of Ideas slowly bounces along at a hip hop tempo while mixing elements of R&B and electronic music. It's an odd mesh of these styles, to be sure.

Shibboleth starts with an ominous pound and morphs into a lighter, carribean-sounding chorus section.

Structuration sort of floats around the audio spectrium in an open, airy, staticy, and soulful fashion. The drums beat, though.



2 New Beats: "Red Giant" and "Paradigm Shift"

Red Giant blends a bass-heavy slowed down Miami pace with a crisp New York atmosphere.

Paradigm Shift combines the dark mysterious persona of Los Angeles in the late 90's and early 00's with 2014 drum sounds and arrangement techniques.



2 New Beats: "Praxeology" and "Habilitation"

I sampled Gap Band's track "Outstanding" for Praxeology. I completed it late last year.

Habilitation is a chilled out original that I made last summer.

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